The Lion and the Ranger (Pt 5) – Is the greatest opportunity in your life right in front of you?

Writen By Strive Masiyiwa (ORIGINAL)

There is a story told about a village near a game park which suffered from problems of elephants eating their maize (corn) crop. Every year they complained bitterly to have the elephants removed.

Then one year an unusual tourist came to their village. This man was interested in collecting beetles, but not just any kind of beetle. This particular species laid its eggs in elephant droppings and was extremely rare.

__It was so rare that he was willing to pay the villagers a lot of money if they could help collect samples for him and ship dead beetles to him.

The villagers were totally astonished at how much money they could make. One dead beetle was worth more than an entire harvest of maize.

If you are an entrepreneur, this story will change your entire mindset. In fact you are going to be a millionaire if you grasp its lesson.

The greatest opportunity of your life is in front of you; others call it a problem!

What entrepreneurial lessons did you glean from this story?

Why don’t you write a one liner: # My entrepreneurial lesson today is…

(The more original the better but if you have to copy what someone else says, it’s ok too. Better a fast follower!) I will “like” some of them.

To be continued. . .


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