The Export Knowledge Programme

The Export Knowledge Programme is a three-phased programme designed to take participants through an educational and support led journey to improve their capability to export into existing and/or new markets. It is a highly rated support training program on Multi and Mono trading for beginner and intermediate level exporters and there are refresher courses for advanced exporters.

Phase 1 – The Entre-Boardroom
An initial Export Readiness assessment done by an experienced team of exporters, product specialists and decision makers (the Board) who provide strategic guidance, tailored business advice and mentoring, focusing on unique business situations and growth visions that produces result.

Phase 2 – Export Workshops
Participants in this 3 day workshop will be able to understand the export business challenges and how to overcome them, handle documentations without stress, they will be equipped with skills needed to effectively market and sell their products to buyers abroad, they will be empowered to anticipate the risks inherent is export business and design different strategies to mitigate them.

Some key topics covered include:

  • ABC of Export Business Success & List of Exportable products in Nigeria
  • Handling Export Process & Paperwork
  • Understanding and Mitigating Export Risk
  • Securing and understanding the Content of Export Contracts
  • Pricing and Costing of Exportable products
  • Quality control in commodity export
  • Securing Export Financing from Nigerian Banks
  • Understanding Payment Method in Export Business
  • Overcoming the challenges of Exporting to Europe

The core facilitator of this workshop is one of our mentors, Mrs. Elizabeth Olanrewaju Nwankwo who has been exporting since the 90s. With her hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry she is in the position to tell about export in West Africa coastline and export from West Africa to EU and USA and the challenges  as well as the ‘goodies’ involved in EXPORTS.

NB: This workshop is part of the Export Knowledge Programme (Phase 2) but can be taken as a standalone workshop. This privilege and concession is for Members Only.

Phase 3 – Review and Final Evaluation
The final phase will measure and evaluate the outcome of the mentoring / learning achieved through the programme. This process will establish what stage of the export glide path each business is at, the potential for future export growth and the increase in sales in current or new export markets.

An invitation will be extended to attend the African Development & Investment Convention, an international event in Kloten, Switzerland with global investors, government representatives and African businesses in attendance.

Registration Details

Date: July, 11th to 15th.

Venue: 27 Limpopo Street, Maitama, Abuja

Time: 9am – 3pm

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