First Steps

Introduce Yourself to the community! Complete your profile be sure to fill in the details so people see common interest and connect with you.

You own a business so give it a face too! Add a business listing, be as detailed as you wish, show your location, tell everyone about your services and products, show us pictures or even a video!

There’s so much here but you have to go get it! So visit the members page and business listing too, a lot will certainly interest you. See what the groups are doing and be part of your industry. Read some articles to get more business insight and visit the event page to join an upcoming event.

Give people a reason to connect! Show up and participate. Start by finding things of interest, leave a comment on an article, respond to some else’s comment, join a forum discussion and contribute. Contribute and share your knowledge in a group or just say hello.

Stay in touch, login everyday! The benefits of networking builds over time. Come back and check in on the discussion you were a part of, message someone you met at an event. Check in on the discussion you were a part of and follow some people who are doing cool things or invite them to coffee.

You’ve got a network, bring ’em to Gidigba! Collaborate and network with people you already know, like & trust. Gain points and badges as your interactions and following increases. Spread the love and give a social media shout-out. Help others stand Gidigba!

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