What is Gidigba?

Gidigba was conceived as an online network community for independent business people (entrepreneurs) to gather, share resources, referrals, experiences and support. The name GIDIGBA actually comes from the meaning “standing strong”. It is specifically designed for small businesses/enterprises who have committed to stand strong through the challenges and make a success of their businesses with social networking functionality and face to face events.

Gidigba is a reliable platform that will enable business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria integrate with an organized local community, creating direct access to market, skills, opportunities, resources, partnerships, influencers, mentorships, outsourcing etc. which will help them not only stay in business but thrive in business.

How many start-ups that have met with success have only one founder? Indeed establishing a company is hard work and it often takes more than a single individual to launch a business. There are highs and lows, not to mention some tasks that few can undertake alone. Crushing blows and setbacks sometimes make it hard to continue on without another person’s encouragement.

Then there’s a need to market the plan and build the product or service. Money has to be raised to launch the startup. In most situations, it’s incredibly daunting to tackle all this alone.
Every entrepreneur whether you are a startup, or a small, medium enterprise regardless of the industry seeks to have the right information on market opportunities, achieve critical mass or economies of scale and have a sizeable network of fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas with.
Running a business can be hard, lonely work. Step out from the isolation and join Gidigba today!

The Vision

To be a leading provider of enterprise social networking services for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The Mission

To provide a reliable platform that will enable micro. small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria integrate with an organized local community, providing support to these MSMEs to overcome their binding constraints (being limited access to Market, Information, Support, Finance, Infrastructure, Technology) which will help them not only stay in business but thrive in business.

The Goals

The goal of this assignment is to develop and implement effective programmes for those MSMEs that will enhance their capacity in the five key areas identified:

  • Assist these MSMEs in accessing formal financing channels (e.g. bank lending etc)
  • Assist these MSMEs in accessing new markets (i.e. through new channels, exports, new large customers etc) to grow or diversify business revenues
  • Assist these MSMEs in reducing operational costs, and becoming more competitive
  • Assist these MSMEs in formalizing their operations
  • Assist these MSMEs with basic skills to enhance overall entrepreneurship and business management capacity

Fiercely passionate about seeing fellow entrepreneurs overcoming the binding constraints


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